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Authors or editors of presented artworks on the website

Julien Mitchell, Jože Kološa-Kološ, Maruša Puhek, Bine Šedivy, Matej Fišer, Jurij Pelc, Kristjan Stepančič, Matej Lipovšek, Vojko Flegar, Jan Vitez, Žiga Koritnik, Janez Marenčič, Nastja Utroša, Srečko Merklin, Anton Buzeti, Zmago Jeraj, Petra Kapš, Primož Premzl Art Cabinet, Dušan Antolin etc.

All presented artworks are copyrighted.

General info

The meaning of giclée?

Giclée (pronounced "zhee-klay") is a neologism derived from the French word "gicleur" (technical term for a jet or nozzle). The word giclée was applied to digital fine art prints, in distinction to the initial technology from the late 1980s, commonly used for targeted simulation and proofing of print industry standards. Since then, the term giclée has meant inkjet printed fine art print.

What make aGICLÉE™ different from giclée?

Giclée is used by artists, galleries, print shops and photographs for their high quality printing, but is also used generically for art printing of any quality, from poorly equipped and inexperienced services to the specialised professionals. The term "giclée" has become very commercial over time and is often misused.
aGICLÉE™ is a specially developed and branded product for Artbook Print®. aGICLÉE™ means state-of-the-art giclée printing according to all criteria. These have already been mentioned in the previous FAQs Mission of Artbook Print® and Top 10 reasons to choose Artbook Print®. Add to this only the fact that our high-end technology is well managed by professionals with decades of experience (since the birth of giclée and even earlier from the days of traditional artistic printing). Artists working for artists.

Files preparation

File format & Color mode

The recommended file resolution is 300 ppi (for line arts and text elements it is 1200 ppi). The file type should be flattened TIF(LZW) or JPG or PDFX4, always with embedded RGB or CMYK colour profiles Adobe or ProPhoto RGB, sRGB or any other.

How to name the files?

If more than one file is uploaded (prints, pages, spreads) use sequential numbering at the beginning with three digit numbers (001, 002, 003, etc).

Production time

How long does it take to receive my order?

Our production times can vary depending on the size of the product order, and our concept is to realise every job as well as possible.

However, the estimated production time for simple orders is 2-3 working days and for larger orders 3-4 weeks.

In addition, our shipping partner needs a few more days, of course this depends on the distance of your address. In case you have chosen an item with "°Delivery about a month", of course the delivery time will be extended by about that time.

Orders, Delivery & Returns

Where do you shipping?

In EU and other European countries. For third countries contact us.

Shipping costs to the EU: 

- orders up to 200 € add shipping costs 20 € (in Slovenia 10 €).
- for orders over 300 € we offer free shipping.

Shipping to European non-EU countries and outside Europe:
if we charge extra for shipping to your country, please contact us. Please note that you may have to pay import duties in your country.

Combining & splitting orders

Combining and splitting orders for shipping is possible at your request or if several ordered products have different production times. You can write down your all wishes in the "Notes". We can also arrange a "white label service" for discreet deliveries in unbranded packaging, which is particularly interesting for our business customers. Don't hesitate to contact us for any further assistance. 

When I can return the product?

You may return the product for the following reasons: damaged packaging, damaged product, or unsatisfactory product. In the case of dissatisfaction, please provide a written explanation with accompanying photos within 14 days of receipt. We will review your case and respond accordingly.

Before returning the product, please familiarize yourself with our Terms and Conditions, as they outline important information regarding the return process.

Our aim is to address any concerns and ensure your satisfaction with our products. We value your feedback and will work towards a resolution to ensure a positive customer experience.

I have an EU registered VAT number, and I'd like to have deducted from the invoice

Simply place your order and enter your VAT number into the order notes field in the cart - before entering the checkout. The VAT will be deducted from your invoice and refunded after the purchase. If you experience any problems when placing your order, please contact us. We can process your VAT free order manually too.

Are aGiclée™ prints printed and delivered flat or as a roll?

This will depend on the media size ordered. You can see this exactly in the ordering process when selecting SIZE (sheet or roll media), however, "flat" is mainly any size smaller than approx. DIN A2 format. Larger prints on paper and all unstretched canvases are delivered rolled up.

If you can't find answer to your question, you can always contact us.