To qualify colour correction, you'll need to submit your order using:
- prefered TIFFs or the highest quality JPEGs.
- prefered Adobe RGB profile or ECIrgbV2, sRGB or any RGB/CMYK.
- resolution 360 ppi or at least 180 ppi.

It is essential that you include only the images you'd like to appear in the photobook, and supply them in the correct order. You will need to organize these files in a folder and then compress them to a .ZIP file for uploading.

How it works:
- Select your color-corrected images and design style and submit your design order to us. Your design order must include both your images and a completed design order form.
- Please allow 5 – 10 business days for your initial proofing layout.
- Review your design and request changes. Changes will typically be turned around in 3 business days. You are allowed 2 rounds of changes.
- After you have approved your final confirmation, your book will go into production.

Extra Information:

Please ensure that your images are labeled in sequential order.

Please note that you have 90 days from the date you receive the initial proofing layout to finalize the your design. After the 90 days, the order will be cancelled.

Rene Antolin